Valentina Tart Brioche

by Alessandro Urilli


Sable Shortbread Paste

Butter                                    gr 600
Sugar                                     gr 250
Milk                                        gr 185
Praline almond/hazelnut    gr 200
Soft plain flour                      gr 800
Salt                                         gr 4

Crumble flour and butter, add sugar , praline’ and salt and lastly combine itall with the milk . Let it rest overnight before usage.

Custard Cream

Yolks                                  gr 250
Sugar                                 gr 115
Liquid whipping cream   gr 250
Milk                                    gr 250
Sugar                                 gr 100
Cornstarch                        gr 80

Bring to boil milk and the liquid whipping cream, meanwhile combine yolks the first part of sugar and cornstarch ,once the milk has boiled add the second part of sugar to it and bring it back to boil, after the second boiling pour over the yolks mixture and stir it with a whisk till well combined put it back on the stove and bring it to a simmer stage , remove from heat and homogenased with a hand pinmixer, store in a cold room overnight .

Pan Brioche

Strong flour               gr 1000
Sugar                         gr 120
Salt                            gr 10
Yeast                         gr 50
Eggs                          gr 350
Milk                           gr 80
Butter                       gr 400

Dissolve the yeast a the lukewarm milk , put the sugar , salt and the flour in the bottom of a mixing bawl .Add the yeast solution and start mixing with half of the eggs , when it starts to come off the sides add the remaining eggs and continue to mixing until the mix is dry , lastly add the butter the all procedure shouldn’t take more than 10/12 minutes of mixing.

Let it rest covered in a plastic for 12 hrs.


  • Line a tart ring of a diam. 9cm with shortbread paste , from the brioche dough of the day before cut out small pieces weighing 70gr roll it up and place inside the tart ring , let it prove for 30 minutes ,egg wash it , fill up the centre as desired either with custard or jam
  • Bring a ventilated oven at a temperature of about 170c
  • Bake it for about 25 minutes

It’s a delightful combinanation to have the crustiness of the shortbread tart with a soft , spongie citrus aromatized pan brioche to enjoy for breakfast .

It is also an alternative way to propose to the customer a brioche product in a tart !

It will give the business and the baker the challenge to play around with texture,flavours and colours with either creams,jams and doughs.

I hope you’ll enjoy it !
Alessandro U.

Alessandro Urilli
Melbourne/Sydney, Australia
International bakery & pastry consultant, product & business development, staff training & demonstrator.
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