Mascarpone Passion

by Alessandro Urilli

I have always been inspired by working with creamy cheeses, particularly when it's a delicious, smooth, velvety and sweet cheese like mascarpone.

Fresh mascarpone cheese is made of two simple ingredients; cream and tartaric or citric acid, and because of its composition it is easily combined with almost anything, acid fruits, citrus fruits, chocolate etc.

This time I'm proposing a passion fruit-accented cake, it has a distinguished tartness and soury, sweet tropical flavour, that when is added to a dense and heavy cream cheese it will give to it a lighter and refreshing taste.

Recipe makes 2 rings 20cm diameter.


Pistache Streusel

Butter fresh                        gr 0,300
Raw sugar                           gr 0,280
Flour 9% protein                gr 0,280
Pistachio flour                    gr 0,220
Almond powder                  gr 0,080

Crumble all the ingredients together, let it rest for 1 hr.

Place the crumble mixture into a 20cm diameter ring on a baking tray , bake  at 180” for 20min.

Spray with liquid milk chocolate. Set aside.

Compote of Mixed Berries

Sirop 30b                            gr 0,375
Raspberries puree            gr 0,125
Gelatin leaves                    gr 0,012
Redcurrants                       gr 0.250     
Raspberries fresh              gr 0,200
Blackcurrant                      gr 0,250
Griottes                               gr 0,200
Wild strawberries              gr 0,200

Note: Sirop: is a sugar solution (1 lt water boiled with 1,280gr of sugar) - Griotte; are cherries in liquor

Using the same ring we baked the crumble into, in a bowl warm one part of the syrop and dissolve the gelatin leaves in it, add the berries and mix together.

Pour this mix onto the crumble, leave it to set.

Mascarpone Cream

Sugar                                     gr 0,175
Water                                     gr 0,050
Egg yolks                              gr 0,100_____cook to 121*c
Mascarpone cheese           gr 0,400
Passion fruit puree             gr 0,100
Whipping cream                 gr 0,600
Gelatine leaves                   gr 0,020

Make a sabayon with water, sugar and yolks, add the gelatin then mix in the Mascarpone cheese, lastly fold in the semi whipped cream.

In a ring of 18c diam. High 2c pour in the mascarpone mix and freeze.

Once frozen glaze with passion fruit gel.


Crumble and compote of wild berries at the bottom, mascarpone mix on top, decorate with the strawberries.


Alessandro Urilli
Melbourne/Sydney, Australia
International bakery & pastry consultant, product & business development, staff training & demonstrator.