Kenn Chia



After completing Law School, Kenn's legal career began in the Supreme Court where he worked as a Judge’s Associate before moving into private practice as a commercial lawyer.

Kenn's passion for making amazing home baked desserts gave him a reputation amongst his circle of friends. He was approached by a restaurateur to supply his restaurant, so Kenn started doing this while working as a lawyer and would baking early in the mornings before heading to the office.

Upon realising his passion lied in desserts and not in law, he left the corporate world to set up a dessert business. His vision was simply to put a smile on people’s faces with his bites of happiness.

With no experience in business and having taught himself how to bake, it was a matter of how to convert this passion viably which included learning how to scale production in a commercial manner without compromising on quality. Ken knew that a unique brand was needed to help position his sweets in the market as a premium products.

Butter Mafia was born. 

Now, together with his team at Butter Mafia, Kenn works tirelessly to deliver pleasure with his “Criminal Desserts”. Their naughty treats also happen to be 100% gluten free. Kenn is constantly working on ways to increasing production and the distribution capacity to enable his pleasurable delights to be enjoyed by a wider customer base.

Kenn is a valued contributor to Bakery Global with his legal knowledge, his passion for baking and his rapid success in the industry.