Elaine Young

Elaine Flour 3.jpg

Elaine is the Principal consultant at Infuse Food Innovation, where she provides expert advice and creative input for various operations in the hospitality industry. These range from menu creation, recipe formulation, product development, and creative plating and presentation. She creates exquisite dessert experiences enjoyed by discerning clientele in Asia Pacific.

Elaine collaborates with manufacturers of new technologies and equipment in Europe for both chocolate and pastry operations.  She provides her expert opinion on the usability of new technologies and provides operational training, solutions and assistance in the translation of current kitchen practices to new procedures for a seamless transition to new technologies.

From attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing and a Diploma in Culinary and Pastry Arts, Elaine has gone on to expand her skills base with professional training at Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil in Paris.

She also led a team of chocolatiers at Cacao Fine Chocolates crafting premium chocolates for some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants and airlines.

Elaine was a Pastry Chef Instructor at the Global Culinary Academy, and has been a chef consultant for Nestle, and URC Flour Milling, providing recipes and technical advice, culinary demonstrations on the use of ingredients. 

Elaine also founded and successfully operated her own wedding cake studio crafting exquisite cake creations which led her work to be featured in many magazines and publications.