Mascarpone Passion

Alessandro Urilli (Baker, Patissiere & Sculptor)

Fresh mascarpone cheese is made of two simple ingredients; cream and tartaric or citric acid, and because of its composition it is easily combined with almost anything, acid fruits, citrus fruits, chocolate etc.

This time I'm proposing a passion fruit-accented cake, it has a distinguished tartness and soury, sweet tropical flavour, that when is added to a dense and heavy cream cheese it will give to it a lighter and refreshing taste.


Vegan Forest Floor Cake

Amanda Young (Patissier)

Amanda Young is a patisierre of the highest caliber.  She has won many accolades and is noted as the only woman to date to win the “Mondial des chefs d’autogestion” held in Paris.

PineLime Cake 2.jpg

Coconut, Pine/Lime Vailla & Liquorice Cake

Darren Perchese

Darren Purchese, owner, pastry chef and creative force behind Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio is one of most respected pastry chefs working in Australia today.

Renowned for his exquisite and extravagant sweet creations, he skilfully balances flavour and texture by thoughtfully combining delicious components, such as jellies, sponges, mousses, cream, crumbles & spreads, layer upon layer, to create his finished work of sweet art.